We at Paradyne Coatings & Machine specialize
concerning all varieties and size diameters up to 60” max for Wire bull blocks,
Capstans rings and Step cone type draw blocks Paradyne's 
rebuilds and regrinds draw
blocks & rings that are grooved, pitted and cracked our innovative surface
impregnation process refills damaged surfaces back up again then Electro-Alloy
deposit alloy coating that will enhance extreme durability and toughness to withstand and draw
heavy gauge materials of wire such as copper, nickel, stainless, and carbon steel type
drawing materials. By utilizing our method of technology on your existing capstans the
EMT coating will boost longer wear life and exceptional mirror finishes that will minimize cracking, grooving and wearing. All work will be the warranty for 48 months in-use. Paradyne Coating's innovative technology repairs and fills in the grooves by appropriate materials to accomplish supreme buildup and penetration to increase longer life and durability that will give the steel longer life up to (5) – (8) times longer versus tungsten carbide, cryogenics, TICN, and Spray coatings out beating conventional coatings and metalizing processes 10 - 12X better. EMT process deep penetrates into the molecular bond layer creating a depth of 150,000th depth creating a uniform protection barrier on the steel resisting corrosive and abrasive wearing and pitting. Rebuilding Worn Capstans/Blocks: Our capabilities: re-clad and buildup then precision O.D Grind and mirror finish the part to useable tolerances, we are using virgin elements to impregnate the steel with NI/CO/MO Nanoparticles
resulting in a much tougher and durable working surface that will last up to 3-6 times greater versus current lifespan.
Benefits involved in the process:
• Save downtime costs
• Increase production
• Save maintenance costs
• All work back with unconditional warranty
• Fast and reliable turnaround within a week
• Free shipping on delivery
The cost for the treatment is $275.00 per coat /Piece