Achieve Extreme Toughness and Durability on you're
Existing Shear Blades with Paradyne's Innovative process

Paradyne Offer's your specialty type Shear Knives and Slitter Knives for the steel mill producers for slitting and shearing materials for hot & cold roll steel in a hot or cold mill environment ours methods is to rebuild and recondition damaged shear knives, slitters, pendulum shears, scrap chopper knives, hot flying shears, crop shear knives, rotary slitter knives, and concave/convex angle shears. The methods we are using is the latest technologies for repairing and metal treating large gouged /chipped edges, we are able to refill /clad the edge back up again with high-grade refractory materials such as tool steel, molybdenum, cobalt, and (INCONEL718) base nickel materials to ensure the highest quality repairs and maximum life performance compared to common conventional sharpening. Once the knives are reconditioned we have the knives placed upon our optimum precision grinders to secure accuracy and tolerances specs.

Scrap Choppers, Rotary Scrap Choppers, Side Trim Knives, Edge Trim Blades, Butech Blades, and Bow-Tie Style Blades.

Precise Lap grinding knives up to 16'9 ft. in length and 60” diameter OD grinding, the Innovative technologies we offer in enhancing longer more durable toughness on the blades/knives is the deep impregnating materials that embed into the microstructure of the edge creating a molecular bond-layer into the hardness making the existing steel property enhancing more durability and strength to the blade.

Paradyne's process to restore dull knives is the unique and proper way to ensure that your knives are being treated with the right materials and machining allowing us to stand behind our work and warranty for (24) months per side /edge against dulling, and chipping. Due to the materials that we are metal treating the knives with will prolong better wear characteristics resisting chipping, and dulling for a much longer period of time providing three-four X’S greater edge life.
Benefiting less maintenance, sharpening, change outs, and fewer replacements.

Our Electro metal impregnation process is done under controlled temperatures and processing time to eliminate the chance of any distortion or further brittleness on the knives. If you need to redress the knives after we have applied our treatment process and experienced better wear, all is required for you to do is reworked the knives with standard sharpening and the materials that were applied will rejuvenate itself and repeat the same added performance because the materials ours penetrated into the steel’s composition creating toughness, and durability
Material costs: $225.00 per coat /Piece
And $65.00 per hour for Grinding & Repairs